Friday, August 29, 2008

German intelligence.

Here we are, safely snuggled up in our Anglo-centric blankets. The results and rules of "fractional reserve lending" are not completely clear to all, though I`m sure the phrase will be pored over by students in the future.
The economic situation in Europe, particularly Britain is about to grow teeth and bite a few folks right where it hurts, self included, though I`ve just remembered a long-ago fondness for working in Spain.

"Buenos dias, Come es Usted... hay trabajo aqui?"

However I look at life, it seems more and more like the English-speaking world is living a lie, stuck in some crusade for an unknown cause, wherein all the bad guys have brown skins and/or speak in other languages.

Germany is certainly the "powerhouse" of Europe, their wealth and manufacturing has been at the heart of european unification, I`ve been there once or twice, but now with arthritis and worn-out bones, Spain certainly looks more inviting.
Funny thing, life.. a few decades back, Germany and Spain, indeed most of Europe was the stage of bloody and violent war, now any European can work, live and travel freely, there are still old hostilities simmering beneath the surface.

Here`s (CLICK), what a German writer thinks of the current Georgia-Russia conflagration. I have to say that I`m just amazed at the points made... Is the writer coming from "The left or the right?", or is it just teutonic wisdom.?

By the way, it`s now highly improbable that there are any Germans who are not aware of the links between the U.S. and Hitler`s rise to power, the cat is not only out of the bag on that one, it`s lean, hungry and ready to hunt.

The parent website also offered up this little gem. (CLICK here or on title for link.

This time, the Anglo-American and Saudi financial cabal behind London's Lisbon Treaty scheme for globalization, is playing for keeps. (Representative Barney Frank is not the actual source of a threat of general thermonuclear war.) Either Russia backs down, or globalization is dead. The presently onrushing general breakdown-crisis of the present world monetary-financial system, leaves no other options available to the Anglo-American-Saudi financier partners. If Russia survives as a sovereign nation, the presently onrushing general financial collapse means that "globalization" is doomed. This time, London is not gambling; it sees the crushing of Russia now as its only way of maintaining imperial hegemony over the world at large. Without Russia's capitulation, the United Kingdom becomes the little nations of England, Wales, and Scotland (which is not a bad option for the inhabitants of that Isle, if you think about that in a civilized way).

Ah well,
"A que hora sale el tren..hay asiento?"

One senses that the people of Scotland and Wales might want to press ahead, with speed, any plans for independence.


betmo said...

weeping jesus on the cross! i knew britain was involved but we get so little decent news here- i just blame cheney, wolfowitz and feith for everything. perhaps they don't really care anymore because the planet won't be sustaining human life many more decades anyway.

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Yes, Britain is involved, but then again, the writer of this piece seems somewhat to be biased and anti-Anglo.
It does begin to point at the big players, the Rockerfellers and Rothschilds, the Saudi Royals and the European bankers, the actual puppetmasters, not the puppets.
As the world burns in war, these players are usually as far away from the battles as they can.!