Monday, August 11, 2008

New links.

Just added two links, Global research, which is a fairly accurate and unbiased viewpoint on world occurences, and a good source for informative articles on the major events of commerce and politics.

Currently publishing an excellent analysis of the Georgian conflict., by Michel Chossudovsky. I`d prefer listening to Ray Charles singing "Georgia on my mind", but then you can`t always get what you want.

Secondly, "Some political pundits", is a list of British blogs whose writers are interested in the politics of this little wind-swept island in the rain.

Thought for the moment, If leftist globalism, with Russia at the helm, is defined as:

"Populist ideologocial policies backed by military force....

Then subsequently, in some perverse yet rational mixture of algebraic semantics, with a squaring of common sense... One might thus describe the opposing right wing version as:

"Military force without ideological or populist backing..."

Ah well, there we are.


Paul said...

That's the most comprehensive analysis I've seen yet and the Israel connection is not something that's been reported on here in the US. It was only this morning that there were acknowledgements reported on Haaretz and other Israeli news outlets.
Looks like the shit is really hitting the fan.

enigma4ever said...

thank you for the great links...and yeah..I think I will post "Georgia on my Mind" by Ray tonight at watergate......sigh...
and of course Bush has bungled it as usual...

( and Paul is right- there is alot that is not reported here in the US...we kind of have a news blackout...on alot of things..even our own new and issues- much less what is going on across the lake...)

namaste friend..

an average patriot said...

Glad you have discovered Global research! They do good work. I have contributed there and on occasion sent Michel Chossudovsky information.
The Israeli connection is not reported here along with everything else that they do not want you to know.
If you want to learn the truth you have to find it yourself. When you find it, it is merely dismissed as conspiracy theory while the lie we are living the real conspiracy is merely continued.

landsker said...

The site has its` origins in Canada, and puts out some good articles.
It`s interesting to note that the Israelis have got personnel involved, as well as being suppliers of arms.
The Russians, as they say, took no prisoners, and this does semm like we are coming up to the final battle of a very long war.
Glad to oblige, for too long, the world has suffered the deceptions and indignity of religion and war, the more we do to expose and drive out the despots and murderers , the better the world becomes.
Why am I not suprised that the mainly jewish-owned MSM conveniently fails to mention the nefarious involvement of their bretheren?
Eventually, more Americans will realise that their taxes and offspring have been diverted to support the aims and ambitions of a tiny decadent minority, in fact, the only nation that now supports America is Israel, I don`t think that here in the UK there is much doubt now as to the truth concerning 9/11, and the subsequent invasions of the Middle East and Afghanistan.