Friday, October 24, 2008

Games, greater and lesser.

Work has kept me occupied for the past few months.
Which has been a blessing, particularly in these harder times.
An acquantance in town had a small hotel which needed decorating, so I`ve been "plying the paintbrush",it`s refreshed and rested some parts of the brain, whilst also giving me time to reflect on life.

(Private and commercial premises renovated and decorated, fishing vessels,pleasurecraft... scraped/antifouled/painted. competitive quotations.. trained staff, references available)...

After a small period of introspection, I have figured out, that given my current health, income and investments, I`m probably going to have to work almost until the last moment...
Might have time for a nap, who knows? Best not, I reckon, speculate on such matters.

With respect to pastor Martin Niemoller.

First they took the warriors, and sent them off to war.
Then they took the underclass, the beggars and the poor,
Chained, adjudged, then cast aside, far from light of day,
The bastards taxed the working class,
And built a mighty force,
Then they bombed and burned the world,
Without compassion or remorse.

I shan`t continue, but obviously, the very same corporate and political fruitcakes that brought us WW`s 1&2 are still in business.

For just one small moment, one might have thought Obama would bring change. yup, he brought change, change of socks, underwear and the nametag on the white house desk, and a newer level of indifferent subservience to corporate will....incidentally, one wonders how the people of Forth Worth, Texas are doing this week.
F16`s are their main product, at 30 million$$`s each, or free to Israel.
Then there`s Tucson Arizona, where Raytheon manufacture guided missiles, the very same ones used to kill hundreds of innocent human beings during the "holidays".

What are these people doing, is this the never ending story of Zionist Judaism vs the rest, or is this latest affront "the work of our god".

Everyone needs work, but making or using bombs and warplanes is not a particularly positive effort in the greater scheme of things.

Isn`t it time to say enough?


betmo said...

beyond time. and there isn't anywhere to run from them. so, i guess we are going to have to fight them. of course, we haven't been successful ever- but that doesn't mean we shouldn't stop trying. sigh. in a way, i am glad i can't understand that mentality. in a way, perhaps it wouldn't be nagging in my mind all of the time if i could.

landsker said...

Hi Betmo, There are protests taking place across the U.K.,(in Europe too, according to news reports.)...
No-one wants another world war, excepting of course the shareholders and workers in the arms trade.
It`s a strange mindset, for sure, wanting to rule the planet, a throwback to some long-ago time of evolution.

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