Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tools of peace.

The clip from youtube features three brave and spirited ladies, who are taking an ambulance to the residents of Gaza, donated by the people of Swansea in South Wales, bless`em.
Making peace takes an effort, and now there`s a multi-national convoy heading towards Gaza, of ambulances and medical supplies.
No guns, no ammunition, no security guards, none of that silly nonsense, Gazans have seen enough of war and absolutely need medical assistance, and from the UK, a convoy of around 80 vehicles set off earlier this month.

All driven by volunteers, and loaded with gifts, now in Turkey, being hailed and cheered, the Turks have also donated further vehicles and ambulances.
Most welcome too, is the news that almost 50 more supporters with vehicles have joined in from the USA no less!... including even some decidedly kosher gentlemen who feel that Palestine needs to be *Free*. (Click for link to Turkey.)

That`s over 200 vehicles due to arrive in Gaza on the 27th of December.

No drones, no smart bombs, no missiles, no soldiers, no weapons at all.

Just men and women, with more guts than any warmongering fool.


Paul said...

Hey Landsker!
Here's to a good 2010 for you and family.
Did this group ever make it?

landsker said...

Hi Paul,
How`s yourself? Regards and best wishes to you and yours...
The group is being denied passage through Israel, and Egypt has been reluctant to allow them through, but, as of last night, it seems that they are finally to cross into Gaza.

Paul said...

Hey, you keeping warm there? The Gulf Stream has changed course, going up the west coast of Greenland instead of your way and the recent pic I saw of Britain looks like the ice age is back. Any Mastodon sightings yet?

landsker said...

Hi Paul,
All good here...seen worse. The weather`s changed again, all mist and rain here now, and the media has shifted to the earthquakes over in Haiti, poor sods.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

How are you doing?
I'm sorry, I haven't gotten back to you, since you left your comments on Good to Know. I've been very busy with the renovations and a number of other things...

Interesting about all the places you have been living. And now you're back to Wales? Somewhere nice in the country? seems like you've been a fisherman, but what are you doing now?

We used to live in a harbor years ago and I must say I miss the sea. It's only one or two km from our house, but we don't really have access. In the old house it sometimes would even come quite close to our entrance door...

We also moved around a lot...

I've been reading your recent posts. The last one was very positive. And the truth is, the average Israeli has nothing against his Arab or Palestinian brother. It's just a couple of anti-social assholes who make it look as if everybody was backing them up. But everybody I have been in touch with or of who's activities I have knowledge of, is a person who wants peace and helps his neighbour, rather than killing them and this is very interesting: you even find that within the Israeli army!
But of course that's nothing which would ever make the headline, because it isn't bad news and therefore you can't sell it to scare the hell out of people!

Same with the video below. Somebody has only created that in order to cause an upset.
I haven't seen any limos in it. Those are all normal cars like you normally see them in Denmark.
And believe it or not, but that tiny orange ecological one might well be the most expensive of them all!

Re your pharma article:
you know there are also many alternative remedies/cures for cancer which are completely dismissed. Also advanced cancer can often be cured.

Pain relief is important, but getting it that way... when you have to give up your consciousness, then life is anyway not worth living. I would prefer a local or regional anesthetic, but of course you can't give that to a cancer patient for a permanent solution...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

re pain relief: you might want this post interesting:

half way down it talks about doping off people and what it actually does to them.

re capitalism and medicine, here's something about the flu:

landsker said...

Hi Sarah,
Hope life is good, thanks for calling in... yup... here on the coast of Wales at the moment, thinking of returning to Spain soon, fished for a while...worked on Tugs, just part-time now, some fishing, a little painting..
Moving around enriches the soul, if not the pocket....:)
and the sea is a great teacher !
I`d agree that much of the so-called medical profession is more about profit than health, and that there are some very dangerous drugs in "the market"....many actually cause more problems than they solve!
The Israeli/Palstine conflict? yes, it`s more the work of the politicians than the will of the ordinary people... politicians seem to enjoy creating division, fear and hatred, then they offer to "protect" us from our enemies.
Anyway, I`ll pop over to your site later... got to go...
Take care.

Paul said...

Hey Landsker!
Still not blogging much anymore here, just wanted to stop by and say Hi! My Daughter and her significant other are planning on moving to Wales in a couple of years, they're in the Bay area right now. Looks like I may have more than one reason now to come and visit the UK.
Ever consider joining Facebook? It's a great place to rabble rouse and you'd be a great addition.

landsker said...

Yo.... Paul,
Busy meself at the present, looking into new work.
It would be lovely to welcome you/your daughter/+!here.
Wales is good, (and sometimes otherwise), but there`s lots more to Europe....

I have started a page on facebook, keeps me in touch with a few folk ....( mostly daughters /rebels, reprobates, and rabble rousers, ha (@).

The other face ~ in the other place.

Good to hear from you.
Take care, Bill.