Friday, July 31, 2009


In global terms, the French are never far from centre stage, like the Brits and Germans, they no longer appear in need of ruling the world, but just the same, there`s still that sense of personal ambition that gave us Napoleon, Sartre, Piaf, the french resistance, champagne and ...french fries.

A French comedian is "raising steam", with a routine that sees a dark and twisted chuckle in the events of September 11.

In French with English subtitles.

By the way, M. Bigard is a chum of M. Sarkozy, who apparently was not amused with a prod at the "official version"....... which led to an open debate on national television, and a somewhat serious illumination of that days` atrocities.....

Here`s the programme, again, French with subtitles, but entertaining!

Similar discussions, with scientists and journalists are starting to emerge on other European television stations....How long? one wonders, before an unfettered discussion reaches American soil.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Western winds.

Wind here today near Pembroke...South by West, 20 knots, weather...cloudy, with occasional showers.

The politicians are taking a summer recess, and seem to have left us with swine-flu and the war on terrorism, an economy in hibernation, all overseen by experts appointed by commitees...

In recession-hit Spain, there`s an economic plan which is causing some problems.

Whilst in the Northern Europe, Denmark is leading the field in escaping the costs and consequences of non-renewable energy production, with around 20 percent of electricity coming from "windmills" lesser amounts of hydro and solar... who knows, perhaps there is some sense in a maddened world.

When the wind is blowing, the lights are

Friday, July 03, 2009

Modern Moslem Women....Ms Nebahat Albayrak

For most societies, women are still not often encountered in the realms of government and power.

Muslim women in particular, are not exactly noted for being at the forefront of world-wide political reform, but in Holland, Ms Albyrak has taken the reins of justice and is certainly ploughing a new furrow.

Unlike the US and the UK, Holland is actually seeing a fall in crime, and thus a fall in prisoner numbers, so much so that they are closing down eight prisons, and laying off 1200 guards.... Everyone happy, except the right wingers!

Some might say that crime is low, because personal drug use is not prosecuted, and others say that it is due to prosperity and the inherent good character of the folks that live, mostly below the level of the sea.Whatever the reasons, Holland arrived at a point where their crime rate is actually decreasing....

They have approximately 1 prisoner per 1,000 population, the US has almost 1 per hundred, and the UK somewhere around 1 per 150.Factor in the trend towards privatisation in the US and the UK, and the smell of "prisons for profit" cuts across any valid argument of jail being a deterrent or even a cure for crime.

So, maybe our politicians should take lessons from those who have a proven record in crime reduction, rather than sounding off about the need to persecute and prosecute the less fortunate, they should defer to those who have not only successfully reduced crime, but have built a far more cohesive society.