Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ireland rises.

Just across the water from Wales, Ireland finds a voice. Peace activists have entered the Derry offices of Raytheon, a well known american arms manufacturer.
They trashed the place. Oh yes, TRASHED it.

This item may not make fox news. After all, the american peace movement might decide to emulate this fine and courageous act. In fact, they bloody well ought to.

Full Story.

Anti-War Ireland applauds action at Derry Raytheon factory national anti-war news report

Wednesday August 09, 2006 14:55 by Fintan Lane - Anti-War Ireland info at 087 1258325 A justified protest against a vicious war machine Anti-war protesters this morning occupied American arms manufacturer Raytheon's Derry office, with nine people barricading themselves into the building and decommissioning vital equipment including computers. According to the anti-war activists involved, the computer system was "completely disabled".
It is understood that thousands of documents and dozens of computers were burned and thrown from windows by members of a group that entered the building at 8a.m. this morning. Among those in the premises to protest against the world's largest missiles manufacturer was veteran socialist and civil rights campaigner Eamonn McCann. Anti-War Ireland commends the Derry anti-war activists for their action and believes that it was entirely justified.

Dr Fintan Lane, a spokesperson for Anti-War Ireland, said: "Raytheon is an integral part of a war machine that is killing innocent men, women and children daily in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The brutality of war has been brought home to us again in the past few weeks by the vicious onslaught by the Israeli military on the Lebanese and Palestinian people." Lane continued: "Direct action and civil disobedience have always been a part of the anti-war tradition. When human lives are at risk, it is entirely justifiable to take non-violent direct action to protect life. Armed groups in Northern Ireland have been implored to decommission on many occasions and this is a logical extension of that process. Raytheon has been decommissioned and we applaud those who acted in defence of human life."

"Anti-War Ireland believes that mass mobilisations, such as marches, are essential in our efforts to stop the imperial killing machines. However, we also believe in the tactical deployment of direct action and civil disobedience. What happened today was a peaceful act in pursuit of justice." PRESS RELEASE ENDS To contact Anti-War Ireland, phone 087 1258325


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Very cool site! I just might pass this way again!
All the best,
Tom Degan

betmo said...

americans are so docile these days. they just go with the flow. although, if you read any of sappho manifesto's blog- that might be a reason. we are a fat, happy lot who are prozaced out of any negative feelings- so it isn't likely that we will get our knickers in a knot over much. there are a few of us strung out over the internet who fight for peace but since we are in different locations around the nation and around the world- we have to protest over the internet. we are making inroads and enemies- so hopefully information like this will make the rounds. :) fight the good fight!

betmo said...

any negative reactions in the press about this?

landsker said...

Betmo, the incident entered into the "news -chain", as did several other demonstrations that have been taking place.

In Scotland, protestors stormed airports, making a mockery of the government claims of security against terrorists,

In Cardiff, several people painted red paint onto the entrance of the national museum:

In England, protestors are setting up camps around american military installations.,,-6013163,00.html

But, suddenly, we get a massive "blitz" of media focus on the "alleged" al-quackaduck plot.

Fortunately, the majority of people can see through the b/s, unfortunately, the middle east is still aflame.

betmo said...

thank you for the link re: iraq/pentatgon stuff. why am i not surprised about norquist? his name came up when i was researching the neo con rise to power. thanks for all of the info. just goes to prove that the internet is not only powerful for allying people together- but is powerful tool for truth. no wonder all of our documents are classified. i want to get rix's book- 'fiasco'- many folks at the pentagon gave him 'unofficial' info that i am sure that rummy isn't going to be happy about. they want to start prosecuting 'leakers.'