Friday, August 18, 2006


Well, almost all animals have got themselves a tail. Useful things, for animals, keeps them balanced, keeps the wind and water at bay, brushes away insects.

Is it the same with politicians? They do wave some tales about.

The muslims are coming, the muslims are coming!

Ah well, at least it is no longer compulsory to believe what the government tell us. Of course, that may change soon.
After all, in Cromwells` Britain, non-attendance at church was punished by fines, whipping and imprisonment, as it was in early America.

I`m no fan either, of the Islamic sharia , that seems to be another sect of patriarchal tentacles.

Personally, I would rather not hear phrases like "Western democracies, with a Judeo-Christian tradition"
and "Islamic fascists/terrorists".

But let`s try, "Nations who have oil", and "Nations who have no oil, but lots of weapons."

I was going to post a load of links to the "supposed" terror plots, and the "alleged" bomb makers. Even more links to the "Lies of 9/11, But hey, why should anyone want to believe that the government would need to invent tales.

Why would america want to lie, in order to invade Iraq? Why would britain be involved?
Why don`t Bush and Rumsfeld confess?

Human nature I guesss.


betmo said...

people, in general, live in denial. politcians live to grab power. when people are in denial about the politicians grabbing power- that's when things start to go downhill. america cannot survive in its current form. changes are here whether we like it or not. be in denial but it won't stop from happening what's happening.

Clampett said...

Great post.

Rummy and Bush might (emphasis on ‘might’) get busted if they go so far as to start making the system of American Democracy appear fundamentally flawed.

Once they do that, they are the ‘bad guys’ who ruined our perfect god given system of Democratic Government.

You know, even Nixon couldn't cross that whole 'system-maintenance legitimation' thing we have going on.

Clampett said...

oh, I'm tagging you in the book meme, good luck.