Thursday, February 07, 2008

Axis of trade.

From the New York Times.....

........ In these days of overburdened, frustrating transportation systems and drop-of-a-hat delays, it’s a headline to stun and gladden the heart: On the maiden voyage of a new cross-continental direct rail service between China and Germany, the first trainful of freight containers made it to their destination in Hamburg five days ahead of schedule.

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So what might this occasion mean to the rest of the world. The Chinese and the Germans have made a pact, to henceforth trade in peace.

Isn`t that nice now, that in this age of terror, at least the Chinese and the Germans are not interested in waging war.

The peoples of Marx and Mao, finally united by a band of steel, with the land of Lenin enabling the union.

It doesn`t take long to realise that if the Germans manage to operate this railway with their typical teutonic efficiency, then the journey of 10,000 kilometers will soon be done in a lot less than 15 days.
It will also mean upheavals in the current migration and trading patterns around the globe. China, and indeed most of Asia, will be just a train journey from Europe, and vice versa.


an average patriot said...

Tat's pretty cool! I hope it lasts and poltical upheaval that will be coming before long makes me think any changes to the existing systems would not be financially worth it. I'm surprised we didn't hear anything about this here. I'll have to be thinking about a new name for it! Cheuro Rail?

betmo said...

hmmmm.... interesting. so- germany, russia and china- and germany, russia and iran- chit chatting and cooperating. partners and financial partners. we don't get that kind of news here- so please keep us in the loop. there are those of us who would prefer to meet our fate head on- not heads rammed up our bums.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Isn`t that nice now, that in this age of terror, at least the Chinese and the Germans are not interested in waging war.

Until the U.S., in the form of President McCain and VP Huckleberry Jesus, pisses them off by attacking Iran, then N. Korea, then.....

landsker said...

Hi Guys,
More and more, it seems like the "Coalition against terrorism" is shrinking to just America, U.K., and of course the "Israelites".
Whereas the rest of the world seems just to expand their trade and social exchange.

an average patriot said...

I have been saying it for year but when all is said and done I fully expect it to boil down to those three against the entire world. This is still just just taking shape and will not be avoided.