Friday, February 15, 2008

Changing of face.

Obama, or Obie , as his friends might call him has certainly got some interesting faces.
At least two, according to Bill Van Auken, a writer with Global Research.

He has picked up on the statement from Obie, that if elected, he will increase military spending, recruit over 60,000 new soldiers, plus 27,000 more marines and a promise to increase "the war on terror.."
Seems like war, war, more more war.

How wonderfull. A pox upon him and his intentions.
No intention of "change", just more of the same?

The picture is from Leftpost.,

The website, with the original article is Global Research.

My appreciation to them both.

Obama is shouting "change", but just what does he mean? Is he begging for coins? Or perhaps he wants to keep his campaign simple and uncluttered , and no words above two syllables.

So is Obama interested in changing America, or does he just fancy a change of adress, and a new job for himself?


an average patriot said...

Wow that's a sobering look at things. I'm banking on change. He is our best hope for that. I just heard the 2 million member SEI Union (service employees international)has endorsed him.
I know some SuperDelegates previously pledged to Hillary have also recently switched. I hope he is more than talk. We can't survive anymore of that. We need real change and leadership. Not just as but the world.
It just dawned on me that once again things look bleak and Bush leaves to another country! I don't friggen get it!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The kid is likeable enough; certainly he knows how to say the right things.

It's just too bad he doesn't know his A** from a hole in the ground!..(:

landsker said...

He certainly seems preferable to bush, and his wife has brains too,
Can he tame the pentagon, and their hunger for war?
Will he take them on, or just nod in deference?
Maybe the economy might go under, just before the election...
Interesting times!

TomCat said...

Whatever Clinton's and Obama's faults are, if one of them is not our next President, John McCain will be. He has promised more years, a continuation of Bush/GOP welfare for the rich at everyone else's expense, and Supreme Court Justices in the image of Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas.

an average patriot said...

Obama is going to surprise everyone if we can keep him alive! unlike bush he is smart enough to surround himself with good people and adhere to good advice!

landsker said...

Obama, and thus the democrats look set to win the election.
But there are a still a few months to go...
Best he doesn`t campaign Dallas in an open-top limo, eh?
As you say, patriot, the issue might be whether or not he makes it to an election.

He should avoid hotel kitchens too...but then the people he is up against have a proven history of choosing the bullet instead of the ballot box.

an average patriot said...

I understand child suicides are way up in Wales. Is that the US making something out of nothing or is something up?

landsker said...

The suicides, all teenagers/young people, not infants, (17 in a year or so), have taken place in one town:
Bridgend is a coastal town of just over 120,00, with high unemployment, cheap alcohol, and low wages.
It is also home to young offenders prison, and a police dog training school.
The national press has "hyped" the issue, not with anything constructive, but merely raking through the pain and the "details of death".
The politicians are very quiet..

landsker said...

The town is also home to a Ford motor company engine manufacturing plant, and sits a few miles to the South of a multitude of now defunct coal-mining communities, where unemployment is also very high.
Mostly because of the lousy employment prospects, the region, like its counterparts in Scotland, also supplies the british military with an extremely high percentage of young military recruits.

BTW, the figure of 120,000 residents is from the "Unitary area", the actual town is smaller , with just 40,000 or so.
There are many theories as to the cause(s), it`s a very sad thing, believe it or not, though it sits between wealthier England and Ireland, Wales has some of the lowest wages in Europe, and the almost the highest use of alcohol and drugs.

an average patriot said...

It all boils down to instability and concern for the dire future most see. America ha become the most depressive heavily sedated country in the world. That's success for you!