Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Economics of comics.

Saw this earlier, as the sun was rising, and I was " surfing".

Click the title for a link to the blog/biography of the cartoonist, Jen Sorensen.

The cartoon really cuts away at illusions the of captalism, mainstream media and religion, all in one little strip.
As an aside, and as I "publish" her work; When bloggers and others publish, is the item copyrighted, or is the world at a stage when copyrights and patents are "not what they used to be".
So, for now, I`ll just be thanking Ms Sorensen for her work , and trust that she won`t be sending lawyers over to examine my wallet.


an average patriot said...

Those are pretty good! Cartoonists and comedians can tell it better than the news often.
It might be my computer but the first picture is not coming out but when I click on the x It comes up. That is great and a fact.
One of my sons is headed back in a couple weeks and another in a couple of months. I often think about one of his wrestling buddies who graduated from West Point a couple years ago. Hmmm!

enigma4ever said...

needed that....

Much Love and Peace..Happy Valentines Day

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Pictures seem ok at this end, I hope your lads get through OK.
This war can`t continue much longer, can it?
I`m watching the stock markets, and they are falling.
The era of unbridled capitalism seems to be coming to an end.
Hi Enigma,
"Happy valentine", Ahh, you are sweet. xx.

an average patriot said...

Hey Landsker
I am afraid that if we do not pull out of there and fight them from here as was a foregone conclusion before all this biased BS, we will be there for 100 years at least with no victory.
That is why I fear for those two sons. Who knows what the middle east will be like a year from now or whats next.
I see the hell on earth Bush created for Iraqi's encompassing the entire middle east before it spreads around the world.