Sunday, February 03, 2008

Upon whose orders?

During wars, orders are given, and contrary to the thoughts of most people, they are not to be obeyed without question.
In fact, service personel are by law required to examine and quantify every single order.

A terrible story is emerging from Iraq, about british soldiers said to have been involved in the torture and killing of prisoners in their care , most of whom may have been just ordinary civilians. Not so frequently as the americans perhaps, but for the families of those they killed, there can be no rest, until these men, and their commanding officers are tried in court.

Click on the title, for a link to the guardian.

So who gave the order that Iraqui prisoners should be strangled to death , or have their eyes gouged from their heads.
Who was it who ordered that young Iraquis should be beaten about the testicles and killed, or was it just another day in the story of Blair, Bush and the barrels of crude.

No doubt all senior officers will claim that they knew nothing, in which case they too should be tried for negligence and professional incompetence.

It was a terrible day, when Blair sent the british army into Iraq. He assured the nation that he had sound reasons to go into war, and the soldiers who went, for the most part, may have believed him.

After this debacle it is surely time for the british people to consider an inquiry into the size and purpose of the british armed forces.
Are they serving to defend us , or to impose contractual control upon the mineral deposits of other nations.

We have now reason for shame, are we going to find and punish the guilty ones? Or once again will the pressure of war be given as an excuse?

"War is a profession by which a man cannot live honorably; an employment by which the soldier, if he would reap any profit, is obliged to be false, rapacious, and cruel." — Niccolo Machiavelli.

Is there really any need for an army? Is it time to emulate the Swiss, and to give every home a rifle and ammunition? Is the military no more than a bunch of psychos who without a war to fight would have no reason to live?

Would we, the "british" tolerate soldiers from another nation, coming here, detaining protesters, and then torturing them to death? No, of course not.
Even less then, should we allow British soldiers to behave in such a foul and murderous manner.

The soldiers concerned are said by the Guardian to have come from a regiment known as "The princess of Wales".
If these are Welsh soldiers, then I am more than ashamed to say that I too am from Wales.

The restrictions on reporting the case have been lifted. One has to ask, how much more shame will be heaped upon us by the time the Iraquis are left to manage their own affairs.

It turns out that the regiment involved is known as "The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment".
Except that she resigned, and the regiment now is commanded by the queeen of Denmark. (Seriously, I`m not making this up!)
The regiment has little to do with Wales, and recruits mainly in the Southern counties of England.

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Of no comfort to the Iraquis involved, nor to myself or anyone else.


an average patriot said...

It hurts when you hear of civilians killed accidently or otherwise. It is way beyond that when it is a child. I thought the Brits have been reducing their area of responsibility and the amount of troops. whan are they due to be out? That friggen jerk Bush wants us there and in the middle east indefinitely.

Paul said...

I didn't give them permission to do that! As a matter of fact, the killing and maiming of women and children has always been a primary reason of mine to oppose war of any kind.
I argued with a young marine back at the beginning of this travesty that he would end up in the position of killing a woman or child and he swore...."oh no! I'm not a baby killer! Besides, I won't be on the front lines!"
Yeah right! He was wrong and he came back with his mind blown.
War is stupid.

landsker said...

Hi JIm,
The british army is no longer officially operational in Iraq, allthough I think they still have a few thousand troops based near Basra.
They are having similar experiences to the american forces; low recruitment and poor retention, lack of morale, drug use, desertion, and a few other issues.
Somehow, the official image of neat and ordered "heroes" is being replaced by the reality of brutal war.
One day perhaps, the warmongers will call for war, and no-one will listen.

Anonymous said...


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