Saturday, March 15, 2008

Body language.

In order to have an ordered society, we need law and order. Should we want a society that is based on equality and fairness, then we need to instill within ourselves, the ethos that open-hearted kindness and good manners should always triumph over arrogance and force.
There haven`t always been the best of relations between Germany and Russia, nor indeed between Germany and America, but at least the Russians seem to be making an attempt, with a traditional gesture, to present a picture of harmonious relations.
Of course, the Russians can afford to smile, they currently produce/control around
15% of the global oil trade, and around 25% of the global gas production.

Anyway, I just thought the snaps were sort of representative of a somewhat "bigger picture".

The Bush approach..... from the rear..... unnanounced placing both hands on the ladies shoulders, grips tightly enough to instill panic, his cold, empty eyes to one side, with a facial expression best described as arse-like and puckered.

The new Russian president, Medvedev, communicates, non-threatingly from the side, presents flowers, smiles and drops open-palmed hands to hip level.

The former Russian president, Putin, having presented flowers, maintains smile, and stands to the side, and slightly behind Mrs M.

In some of the English-speaking parts of Wales, there are vernacular expressions of contentment that use the word glow, as in:

"A fine glow",
"Having a glow",
"Getting the glow-on".

"Glowing up",
"Giving out the old glow".
Doesn`t Mrs Merkel look like she gets a glow from her Russian counterparts.


betmo said...

what can one say? i have yet to figure out why they continue with the charade that he is the president. all he is is an ignorant drunk who embarasses america with his ignorance and stupidity. i mean you don't have a prime minister who dances on diplomatic trips or sings at correspondence dinners. i don't know if we have another year- or if the true powers that be will make their move- at any rate- one way or another- the monkeyfuhrer will be out.

an average patriot said...

You know, It all depends on what kind of society you want. Bush seems to want one based on Attila the Hun.
I tried to get people to realize Bush is following the Rusian Doctrine of destruction they used first in the mid 19th century to overthrow old order and emplace a new version. It is on my web site my web site

landsker said...

Maybe I`m picking on Bush, actually Blair and Brown are not completely free from arrogance and foolishness!
I think that Bush is going to be dancing out the door much sooner than thought.
It`s A.M. here, I just checked the Asian stock markets, they opened, and promptly fell 5%, with Europe and the U.S. to follow suit later today.
The dollar opened , and lost big-time against the Yen(96)and the Euro (1.59).
Oil just passed $111, and over the weekend, Bear-sterns went ga-ga, and the fed is expected to lower lending rates this week, by a full one percent.
In a short while, the cost of imported food and fuel may well cause internal problems, I`d watch the dollar exchange rate over the next few days, rather than listening to what the politicians might offer as explanations.

an average patriot said...

Man the entire world can not pick on Bush enough! I hope to Gosh he pays for what he has done to us and the entire world that scum!

Paul said...

Yep, bush is an oaf, But don't mistake Putins charm and manners. The man is a cold blooded killer.
What is going on in the middle east and the stans is all part of the Great Game part 2. Oil in the stans, oil in the caspian sea, pipelines here, pipelines there. It's all a big chess gambit to control the oil and gas, and anyone who plays chess with the russians is at a big disadvantage.
Look up "the great game" if you're not familiar with it, it's quite fascinating.

landsker said...

Agreed, the Russians are most certainly good at anticipating the moves, after all, they still have ludicrous amounts of oil and gas, iron, gold, uranium etc, whilst the "West" has a few worn out armies and a standard of living beyond our means.
As Putin said of Bush, when the "surge" began.....
"All pipeline and no oil."