Monday, March 03, 2008


It isn`t right, is it? Killing women and children, stealing land from those who are poorer and less able .
The Israelis claim self-defence, but so did Bush when he invaded Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Carlos Latuff is the artist who penned the cartoon. He asks that if you could show it around your community, friends, your workplace even.
Thankyou. His blog, "Tales of Iraq war", (dritte links:) is always worth a moment of time, you may not always like his style, but his eye for truth is unwavering.


betmo said...

james blunt's 'same mistake' plays over and over in my head- 'my heart is heavy does it show? i lose the track that loses me- so here i go'- my heart is broken- for the iraqis; for the kurds; for the palestinians. there was a time in my life where i didn't know better- where i believed in god and believed that the israelis were his chosen people. i believed that god blessed america and we were the land of the free and the home of the brave. then... i grew up. and my heart was broken. my heart is still broken. i don't know what to do to stop all of this. i don't know that i hope anymore either.

an average patriot said...

Betmo I love James Blunt!
Landsker I sympathize with that picture. There are waroed minds here though that would make a joke out of it.
Anyway you look at it Bush diverted from Afghanistan to attack Iraq so he could get into the middle east to help Israel and attack Iran and it will not be avoided.
Bush practices the Politics of divide and conquer. He does it to us and he is doing it in the middle east. Palestine and Israel will be back at their war when Rice leaves and eventually the entire middle east will be embroiled.
I discussed today that it is erupting as we speak in South America.Columbia Bush's ally killed a rebel from Ecuador who was an ally of Chavez's. All troops are at the border.
My question is what will Bush do? Chavez has gotten some serious advanced weaponry from China and Russia whose influence is growing quickly here.
The entire world is erupting thanks to Bush. He is one happy FFFing camper!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Israel might be the only clowns as eager for war, as Bush. I have said for a LONG time that Israel needs to get the shit kicked out of them one time, then they might learn a little humility.

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Yes, "The same mistake" is a good name for thousands of years of the same argument, another day in the same war, all about some "god", and a few acres of scrubland.
The idiocy about gods` chosen people has brought misery and death to the planet since the jews first started strutting about with that bullshit.
Not that the christians and muslims are much better!
Hi Jim,
Most people see that, in military terms, these are the end days for America and Israel, and indeed the U.K. is going to have to knuckle down to some fiscal propriety.
Israel knows that they are done, and seems like they might try to go out in a blaze of gore. Hezbollah in Lebanon have re-armed, and may yet enter the battle.
Mr Future,
Israel has been a big bully for a long time, but I sense they are about to be severely curtailed in their actions.

Anonymous said...

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