Monday, March 17, 2008

My Lai, and the consequences.

Most people over 50 remember the massacre at My Lai, which took place 40 years ago, on the 16th of March .
American soldiers, spent the day raping and murdering around 500 Vietnamese civilians.
Lined them up, raped them, then killed them.

It was played down as an excess of war, and just one of the soldiers was punished, their leader, a lieutenant William Calley spent four and half months in a military prison, where he was allowed regular and unsupervised visits from his girlfriend.
Initially he had been sentenced to life, but the president of that time Nixon, shortened the sentence.
Without doubt, that leniency has affected the attitude of todays` troops.
But chickens do come home to roost...
More here,

What goes around comes around, why, I don`t know, but it always comes around.
So whilst today, there probably won`t be mass killings across America, it seems like almost a stroke of Karma, that after exactly four decades, the greenback is in free fall.

America has nowhere near enough natural resources to feed and productively employ the population, or at least not with their present rate of consumption, when it comes to global resources, as did the brits before them, the U.S. has relied on military might and a sheer mass of printed currency to ensure a place at the front of the queue.

Is it over? Most people think so,the question being not if, or when, but how?

How will Americans react to being told that there is no more cheap fuel? No more cheap imported food and clothes?
Some are predicting internment camps for the homeless and for those who dissent.

Will there be riots, for dwindling supplies of food? Will the government use paramilitaries such as blackwater to quell unrest, and will the civilian population use armed force to resist?

One thing is certain, the pace is quickening, and unlike the world of the 1960`s, the spread of information and the consequences thereof are moving at an unprecedented speed, no-one wants to see violence, but when it occurs, the least we can hope for is that those responsible meet a just fate.

It took six months before news of the massacre reached the USA, today, such an event would be exposed across the globe within just a few minutes.

Are there sufficient Americans who could maintain civil order without the use of firearms?
Will America fracture into distinct geographical and politico/social areas?

How will the military react, when they realise that their wages won`t even feed their families?
Will they obey orders, if asked to shoot at American citizens? I think not, but based on previous actions, I could be wrong.
Peace, and particularly to those who suffered at My Lai..


an average patriot said...

Haditha is called this wars My Lai! I don't know but with this entire mess just beginning it will happen again.
It's funny you ask about our soldiers firing on us. I asked my sons what they would do. My EOD son said the military will walk out enmasse.
They are already nearing the breaking point! I think most of us will be in the FEMA concentration camps guarded by Bush's private security.
I have been calling for this breakdown for 35 years I just never saw a so called President leading it. This Financial collapse like everything else Bush is involved in will be the longest and worst the world has ever seen. That mindless friggen idiot! Those that got him elected should be hung.

Naj said...

I didnt know about My Lai.

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