Monday, March 10, 2008

One little princess.

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No trial, no evidence, nothing. Just a fusilade of bullets, fired face to face in contempt and rage at an unarmed woman and child.

Not a ricochet, not mistaken idendity, not even self-defence, her killer stood right next to her in her own home, took careful aim at her head, and fired the gun. An innocent child murdered in cold blood by an arrogant bastard.

She is gone, another sweet little princess, her last moments close to her mothers` breast, who was also wounded, as jewish soldiers stormed a house in Gaza, shooting and killing an alleged Palestinian militant, and then, without pausing for breath, took away her father.

Her name is Amira Abu Asri. She is dead. Shot through the head at point-blank range. Killed by a jewish gun. She was born 20 days ago, unlike the jew who killed her, she had not yet begun to think about religion or law.

Should we label her killer as a jew, or as an israeli? Will it make a difference? Will the "good" jewish people feel better?
Oy-veh, they cry, the poor israelis are defending the land given to them by their god.
Well I say, either produce this imaginary god, with all the relevant paperwork, in a court of law, or get the fuck out of the middle east.

Bollocks with religious obedience and political correctness, these murdering jews have killed and killed, they have subjugated, tortured and maimed the Palestinians, and have had the gall to call themselves persecuted, they are beneath contempt, they squirm murderously, knowing their end is well overdue.
Maybe by calling them jewish, rather than Israeli, then other jews may be less inclined to continue financial and social support for an extremely racist and violent group of ghouls.

The Israelis need help, that is without doubt, in fact they need an incredible amount .
Instead of arms and warplanes though, how about....
Group therapy?
Behavioural adjustment programmes?
Relocation ?

One way or another, they have, in sixty short years, shown nothing but utter contempt for all other races and creeds, has it always been thus?
Perhaps one should think back to when they first came to Britain, and how their behaviour got them kicked out, Click here for an interesting historical perspective.

Twenty days of life, and as the world announces an "An International day for Women.", an empty -headed putz, a bupkis-brained schmuck with a gun, decides to kill a little girl, an innocent angel , for the "protection" of Israel.
Did s/he go home that evening and hug friends, maybe laughed , joked, had supper, thought of his own mother, and muttered a few incantations to an imaginary god...
It is time for the jewish people to accept that in the fallacious and farcical quest for their so-called spiritual homeland, they have exceeded the bounds of moral behaviour, and unless they rein in their people, they will be collectively blamed for these displays of murderous arrogance.

History cannot be changed, it must however, serve as an education.

Click to see a "hidden history, Hiding history is an affront, whilst we should be cautious in the interpretation thereof, and even more cautious in our actions towards religion, it should be time for the jewish people to realise that their beliefs and conduct has for a long time, been met with somewhat less than a wholehearted welcome.

Amira Abu Asri, February 2008, - March 2008. Shot and killed on "International Womens Day". May She Rest in Peace.


betmo said...


an average patriot said...

Those picture are something. I was checking out the site. Pretty good! I just can't fathom killing a little kid for any reason.
There will never be peace in the middle east. Only the chief idiot can be stupid enough to say there will be peace between Israel and Palestine before he leaves. The idiot! He started a total break down and no one will prevent that.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Oy-veh, they cry, the poor israelis are defending the land given to them by their god.
Well I say, either produce this imaginary god, with all the relevant paperwork, in a court of law, or get the fuck out of the middle east.

I can add nothing to a post that says it all, except my endorsement of Noooo Shit!!! Very well written post!!

landsker said...

Hi Betmo, Thankyou, and to you too, Dan.
Jim, Even as bush sent cheney to the middle east, to discuss "peace/war", the price of oil rocketed, and the dollar fell like a stone.
Israel, like America desperately needs a war, otherwise those trillion dollar armies will just be for show.
But the Chinese and Russians have both been around for a lot longer, and have probably got a few more suprises tucked in their sleeves. I`d say that between them, they have a firm grip on the global agenda of the next few months.

an average patriot said...

What pisses me off is most people just do not get it that as our economy tanks and they are no longer able to live a normal average existence the friggen stock market keeps going up because that idiot is taking care of the affluent and their economy is doing great. When the hell are people going to wake up and revolt?