Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Milestones and Millstones.

Milestones and millstones,
Hanging `round your fucking neck.
You marched and murdered to save your nation,
But have cursed yourselves instead,
You die to serve your leaders whims,
Who wave your bloodstained burning flag,
Walk away, ignore the bastards,
Afore their curses devour your souls.

Cartoons from Latuff,
Poem from an opencast poet/ mine.


Genevieve Hinson said...

Hi - Thank you so much for posting on my blog and adding the button here. I've added you to the blogroll.

I'll keep my eye out for more scientific articles to post links to. :)

TomCat said...

One death in Iraq was one too many.

an average patriot said...

Iraq wasn't attacked to save our Nation. Iraq was attacked to get in the middle east to attack Iran.
That will come soon. The shit is starting to hit the fan as expected and Bush is blaming Iran. Iran will be attacked soon and it sucks.
One of my sons is there for about 4 more weeks. One of his brothers is in EOD and in training right now to back and to what? All lies!

landsker said...

Hi Genevieve,
Welcome, and many many thanks.
I hope that we can constructively raise awareness of *Autism*.
I fully agree, this cannot be allowed to happen again, somehow, the world must stop the madmen and their profligate use of weapons.
Perhaps you can cast a click towards the issue of autism, as Genevieve (above), is looking for articles that can help families with autistic members.
In the U.K. there are many who find themselves dumped in prison or other institutions, although awareness is slowly growing.
It would be interesting to know if autism figures amongst the prisoners of America.

The storm is certainly raging, now the Shi-ites are abandoning their cease-fire, I hope the white house won`t attack Iran, but with Fallon gone, Petraeus seems like a drooling dog who will chase the ball for a few chocolate chips.
Some soldiers prefer suicide to defeat, Petraeus is perhaps such a soldier, but unfortunately, he is leading thousands more Americans towards their graves .
I would advise your sons to desert. End of story, the Iraquis/Iranians will never surrender, and the generals know this to be so.

On another note, could I also refer you to the **blogroll for autism**, perhaps you too might have some interesting articles or stories to recount.


an average patriot said...

As you know by now that I have said often. The WH will attack Iran. It was a foregone conclusion and only one reason Iraq was attacked in the first place.
Getting rid of Fallon was the final step. They have everything set but the excuse to attack and as you can see they are getting closer to finding it.
As for my sos I have another that is thinking of going over as a civilian contractor to make money because of this purposely worsening economy and yet another going in as we speak to be a combat engineer.
They are men and have minds of their own. I can only advise and be there when needed.
As for the Autism Blog I saw that yesterday. I happen to believe it is on the increase like everything else because of our negative influence on the environment and at least in this case our own medicines.
I am more then a bit tied up right now and being pulled in numerous directions so I will have to digress for now. Yesterday I promised Betmo I would make her goal of Gardening and survival which happens to be my life's work and interest, my priority. Stay with me though!